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This is our own interpretation of a record label. Music entered a new era. Internet took the music industry by storm and changed the way we discover, listen, create, and share music. Music itself changed and became greater. It became limitless as artists grew more independent. At last, music is at liberty.


The internet became a worldwide stage for scenes, cultures, and ideas. It made available an ever-developing heap of information to anyone willing to contribute. Even the most obscure ones found their place on the internet. Music therefore became more diverse, with endless possibilities for artists to shape their music from the in- and outside. This resulted in greater music being made every day.  We at LCR saw this as our opportunity in music. We are blessed with the possibilities in music during this digital era.


Music can be done in many ways: one plays music, another one writes about it, and yet another one just loves listening to it. We at LCR do music, in every form it may come. Devoid of  limitations in what we do and create. Doing so, we provide an open platform for artists to create and inspire. We embrace challenges and strive for the impossible. Because if we are going to do music, we do it right.

Together and for all,

Liberty City Records

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