Farley Valens favourably puts all his time and energy in the production of delightful liquid drum and bass music. His love for Drum and Bass started from when he was just 11 years old.


There are 2 things to where this boy puts his heart and soul into: cooking and the production of music. Harmony and adventure, are the keywords that he wants to share throughout his music. With Farley’s music tracks, he wants to reflect a moment, a journey as phases through life.

Farley started to make up melodies as a kid, based from the music from video games. When he was 15 years old, he was able to finally learn on how to produce music with his best friend through a keyboard and a computer. When Farley was 23 years old, he finally received his own MIDI keyboard as a birthday gift. With that gift he immediately produced “Alpha Star”, the star as his first track to set his journey as a music producer. His journey, following the sea breeze full harmony and melodies.

FVliquid dnB

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