A&R Manager [ LCR Productions ]

KONG a.k.a. Dan Fitzgerald Kurnia Naumann is head and founder of Liberty City Records. Leading the whole team and the different departments, but primarily focussed on finding new and exciting projects for LCR.

I've been busy with LCR since the summer of 2014 where it first started as a small time project with a group of friends I got together. I did this with only love for music and the "industry" knowledge from a previous career as a Indie producer and guitar player. I took diversity and liberty in music as a jumping off point, because I knew great music was made by those who where able to listen with a open-mind.


The main inspiration for LCR was the city and the diversity of cultures living together. As an Amsterdam native, I have come into contact with different kinds of cultures and found that understanding is the first part of working towards a coherent world. I love music, and listening to music and the people behind them made me understand everybody around me. These days people can find their own identity in tastes and styles from all over the world. We get exposed to so many scenes, cultures and sub-cultures thanks to the internet and its vast amounts of information. For music this meant an seemingly endless library of music, inspiration and ideas, and possibilities for collaboration. These are the driving qualities for LCR.

Music is greater thanks to the internet, but for many artists it is hard to find their way. Endless possibilities in an ever-changing industry make it difficult to find a clear path.

We at LCR love doing music. This is in a short way what its all about. Managers, produces, musicians, writers and volteers at LCR all do it for the same reason, the love for music. We all don't love the same music, but we let music be the drive for our ventures in any for it may come. Always looking for a way to express our connection with music in what we do. Doesn't matter if its organising an event, releasing an album or getting our crazy thoughts and stories about music out there. We do music.

"Do what you love, while doing it.

Otherwise what's the point?"


"If people can finally recognize you on radio without being told who it is, that's what you aim for."

- Johnny Marr

"Innovative producer taking on a refreshing new perspective in the electronic music scene"

- Every SoundCloud artist

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