5 Things every aspired DJ should understand

January 1, 2017

Every generation has their wave of youths aspired to be artists. Back in the day kids where inspired to play guitar and still everyone knows a guy who's harassing his mates with "Wonderwall" and "Seven nation Army".



But with the rise of electronic music, more and more people are leaving the six string behind for his modern replacement. And to summarize the effect; everybody is a f*cking DJ. But there is more to DJ'ing then aligning the beats and looking cool on stage. So to every aspiring DJ here are the 5 things a DJ should understand:


1. Get to know your audience.

It seems fairly obvious but a DJ has the responsibility to entertain their audience and to know their audience. Especially with the unclear lines between genres and sub-cultures it's important for a DJ to do the proper research before a gig. But don't just check out the Facebook event page. Come early, talk with the people at the gig and listen to the other sets to find out what works. It's easy to barge in 5 minutes before a gig and to slam in your usb, but it's important for a DJ to read the room and adjust their set accordingly. A pre-studied set easily falls through.


2. Develop your own style.

There's more to DJ then fading in tracks and turning down lows. The real challenge is creating a signature style that defines you and sets you apart from other DJ's. Double drops, fast chops, scratching, effects, obscure remixes. These are just some examples on how to spice up your DJ'ing and leave an lasting impression.


3. Don't be lazy during the gig.

The advances in technology makes it possible for DJ's to mix faster. But the introduction of cue points and the sync knob made people lazy and more and more people get away with DJ'ing without using headphones. With this it's important to remember that advances in technology are there to push music forwards, and not to make it easier.


4. Feel responsible.

It's easy to get a crowd to sing along, just use the top 10 most popular tracks at the moment and cram them into your set. But as a DJ you should feel responsibility to enrich the musical mind of the audience and leave them wondering. There is nothing better then someone asking for a track id after one of your sets and knowing that this person is gonna enjoy that track for days.


5. Have fun.

It's seems obvious right? But more and more DJ's are popping up on Mixcloud and Soundcloud hoping to make it and competition is big. But when you meet a lot of people that are tying to make it, you quickly learn that a lot of people don't love what they do but only focus on the proposed future. So to everybody to wants to make as a DJ or producer or any kind of artist, make sure you love what you do while you're doing it. No point spending your time or whole life into something you don't love.



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