Iconic Amsterdam: Leeman Döner

January 23, 2017

A common phenomenon in the nightlife scene is the pre-party munch and for the born and raised Amsterdammers Leeman Döner is king. Located at the Van Woustraat in the Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam, Leeman has claimed the spot as the best döner place of Amsterdam, with fallen competitors, 20 years of experience and a line that reaches till around the corner to prove itself. 

 A new icon in Amsterdam that made it's rise with the introduction of the döner kebab to the store that primarily operated as a bakery before the döner craze. A craze for a sandwich with the right bite and chew combined with perfectly seasoned meat, lettuce that brings the hot-cold balance on point and a spicy red sauce that makes the garlic sauce even more delicious. The secret of their taste and succes can be traced to the fresh meat quickly cut during rush hours in combination with their own delicious bread complemented from their baker years. A bread recipe that have many still coming and many asking including dutch (tv)chef/blogger Julius Jaspers who visited the store back in 2014.


The visit of the honorable chef resulted into a review on his blog, large scale media attention and a pissed off neighbor. Whom protested the review with a message on the front of their store saying: "The busy and expensive cross the street neighbor has a point; we are cheap, but with 40 years experience in food services we know that we sell the best quality for the lowest price. We have over 50 seats so it looks less crowded. p.s. We are the best in Amsterdam! Free comparison possible!". A message that stood proudly on the front of the cross the street competitor who came out doubly in the review. However you may feel on the matter, the hard to miss message went viral on- and offline and only resulted in more attention for Leeman, without any negativity from their side.


In 2017, with the fuzz behind them, Leeman stands proud as a new icon in Amsterdam with its own little story and a positive foresight on the future with a newer location that opened downtown at Geevinksteeg 2, smack in the middle of Amsterdams clubbing area. (Warning! Downtown location means downtown prices.) With the expansion in mind let's hope that Leeman will keep its reputation and standards high and their downtown customers happy with their delicious taste.

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