Liberty In Music

February 23, 2017

Without music, life would be a mistake. Music unchains the soul and frees the mind. Music liberates. But how? There can certainly be nothing in the music itself that resembles liberty. Only we, the listeners, let it liberate us. By the way we move to it, the way we engage with it, and the way it affects us, we praise music for its emotional blessing. Its liberty is in the ear of the beholder.


In the city of vice, yet the city of liberty, Amsterdam, there is no such thing as a general music scene. In a place were people find themselves, generally, culturally splintered there is a unique place for everyone. One’s own musical taste is what matters. The multitude of musical landscapes is overwhelming, and it can be hard sometimes to find one’s way through what’s good and what’s absolute shit. However, you feel the music when you feel it. You are at liberty to like what you like, and despise what you think or feel is bad.


We only rarely consider our musical freedom: streaming services supply us with a big corpus of directly accessible music and nearly all of us have an audio device with headphones. There are no restrictions on what you want to listen, other than the scope of songs online. But even beyond the virtual musical realm, there are street musicians, concert halls, bars, clubs, cafes, and dorm rooms with amplifiers and instruments to get you jamming. Bottom line: if you want music, you can get music, an abundance of it. Enjoy your liberty and make the most of it.

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