We need bad music

March 14, 2017

Think of the worst song you know. Now think of why you find it to be so bad. Chances are great you’ll draw on adjectives to reason why that particular song was so bad. Depending on your preference, it’s either too slow, too fast, too catchy, or “just annoyingly bad”. But guess what; you need that song to decide what you do like.


As music fans we continuously waver between judging music as good or bad. Upon reasoning why exactly music is bad we often use arguments that go for music we like too. For example when we say a song is too slow, there are probably a ton of other songs we like that are even slower. This is where context comes in. Not every song fits every situation or mood and this is a crucial factor in deciding whether or not we like it.



An even more crucial factor in evaluating music is identity formation. The speech act of judging music bad shows and defines who we are. By expressing our depreciation for, say, an artist, we draw a line around our taste in music. Because this virtual circle is always in flux, some music can one day be within our taste and the other day outside of it. When it is outside of our taste, however, we typically like to let people know and thereby show who we are. This sometimes even goes so far that we will despise people for their taste in music, but oppositely we can also love people for their love of the right music.


So let your hatred for music guide you through all the music available, for it is easier to define what you loathe than what your like. Needless to say an open mind is better than a closed soul, but embrace bad music for you will know what’s good.


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