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November 4, 2017

Anno 2017 a wide variety of streaming services is available to an online audience. Some are free-of-charge, others focus on high-quality streaming, yet in most of these one is presented with the option to create playlists at will. The notion of musical arrangement has thereby gained a whole new dimension: we can now build our music collections as comprehensive as there is music online.


The term "arranger" has always been ambiguous, ranging from delegator in an orchestra to assembler for generic compilation albums you find at gas stations. With its newly adopted function in interactive music media we can all be arrangers of moods, travel-soundtracks, party-bangers, and so on. The material mixtape is thereby being replaced by its virtual successor.



As for the other side of the story - i.e. listening - the mobility of virtual music brings forth many practicalities. Every playlist is stored in the cloud, meaning it can be accessed wherever we reach for it online. This means that if somehow you ended up on someone's house party and you feel like the amount of vodka you drank legitimises you to turn on and turn up your 80s tunes, you can. How wonderful yet disturbingly annoying is that


Albeit serving a semi-archival role too, playlists are there to played and listened to. One can collect and group music on whatever basis, and with most streaming services one has a new way of discovering music. The notorious Discover Weekly for example, as prompted by Spotify, but also lists one shares or follows - using serve as a semi-social musical medium.



In for new music? Check our discovery playlists at




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