Thursday Tip: Sugarshack Session

November 8, 2017

Surrounded by palm trees and burning tiki torches, Sugarshack sessions record live session. The platform operates from their porch in sunny Florida, USA. They invite famous and less famous artists in the reggae and reggae fusion scene to perform original songs and acoustics version of their old songs. Sugarshack Session is a good way to find new artists as well as new songs from artists you know,  uploading a new video every Tuesday and Friday.


Sugarshack Sessions captures the Californian fusion reggae in a music platform by combining their beautiful location with an open-minded attitude towards different artists and genres. Be sure to check out their website!



This video is with Leilani Wolfgamm, Jacob Hemphill (SOJA), and the Fortunate Youth. The combination of voices and styles makes it into our favourite video on the Sugar Shack Session channel.


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