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December 11, 2017

Music comes in many shapes and forms, These days we enjoy music everywhere whenever we want, with the almost all of recording history to our disposal. Music comes to us whenever we want and wherever we may be, but there was a time where music was bound to a time, a venue, and a particular place.


There is a romantic notion about how creative works comes to be, the desire and demon driven artist shapes their music in outbursts of creativity amazingly shaping their masterpiece. But art, and for our case music, is unconsciously and instinctively made to fit particular existing formats. This is apparent in the architecture of venues where music is made, an amplified, roaring four-piece rock band to overcome the rowing crowd in the overstuffed dive bar, and big orchestra pits for a legion of musicians to fill up the large boxy, concert hall. Music is written to flatters its place sonically and this can been seen (better: heard) throughout music.

In this instance, music is bound to the venue where it is performed, but the possibility of recording gave another dimension to music. Radio, clubs, and the personal player formed a new venue for music and gave way for more sonically dynamic music. The practice of the use of audio equipment as another tool to shape music already started during early recordings, when recording technicians played with the placements of microphones, different equipment, mixing and equalisation. This eventually led to the development of a new figure; the music producer. For a long time, music producers worked in big studios with bands. Recording their music and giving them guidance during projects like singles or albums, where producers were often former artist. But in the 21st century, the music producer became an new entity. 


Many people were drawn to the computer as their instrument. At this moment electronic music has emerged with a diversity of sub-genres made by the new kind of producer: the "bedroom producers". The premise for all kinds of producers is the same, doesn't matter if it's House, Techno, Trap, Dubstep, IDM, EDM etc.


The premise of a single person (or a group) making music with a Digital Audio Workstation( a.k.a. DAW) and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (a.k.a. MIDI), that allows them to use an endless pool of samples, programmes, and knowledge on the internet to make music. Music that in return got spread on the internet; the main venue for electronic music.

Internet as a tool for creation is amazing. These days, culture, experience, and art can be spread in an instance trough social media and gives the creators of music a new dimension to play with, a tool to create more context for the art. But with this development of music the only thing to remember is to not forget the human element of music. People identify with new scenes, styles, and sub-genres from far away places and music has become an evermore personal thing. But in the end we need to remember that music is their to unify and to be shared together in whatever context it may come.




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