Iconic Amsterdam: OCCII

December 25, 2017

OCCII (short for Onafhankelijke Cultureel Centrum In It) is one of those spots in Amsterdam that is a relic from the past. A place where they don't serve fancy cocktails, don't do ticket pre-sales, there are no ATM machines, and don't expect to hear any radio hits. No, you go to OCCII to get crazy in the mosh pit, dance to niche electronic music, and enjoy its unique vibe.


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In 1984, a group of people squatted the old horse-tram stable at the Amstelveenseweg and named it “Binnenpret”. In there, they started organising different projects like: Vegan restaurant MKZ, children theater Kinderpet, library Bollox, bike shop Farafina, a sauna, and of course OCCII itself as a independent cultural centre. Some of these still exist, alongside a couple of art workshops, rehearsal spaces, and residences.


In 1992 the Binnenpret Crew built the main hall of OCCII by themselves. They mainly used recycled materials from all over Amsterdam and build the rest themselves. This mentality hasn't changed a bit. Its DIY vision is also visible in their programming. OCCII doesn't have a big group of professional bookers, but rather runs on volunteers. This gives the OCCII a special vibe: every bartender, sound technician, floor manager, etc. are there because they love the place and want to help out; not because they get paid for it.


OCCII is not a place for the average concert visitor or clubber. But if you want to support their non-commercial and DIY vision, you definitely need to visit! You might even have the luck of being served there by members of the Liberty City Records crew.



[ LCR support OCCII ]

[ More info: http://occii.org/ ]


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