Thursday Tip: Wunderground Music

December 28, 2017

If you get most of your news from Facebook, there is a change you have stumbled upon an article with a headline like “Study finds babies are stupid” or “World death rate steadily at 100%.” It takes a moment of confusion before you find out comes from a satirical website like The Onion, The Daily Mash, or others. Satirical news has been rising in popularity in the past years. So it’s not surprising that a satirical electronic music website, called Wunderground Music, has been thriving too.




Wunderground Music was founded by a group of Irish writers and music lovers. At first they wrote articles about different music genres and some general satire. When they found out dance music and satire are possibly the best combination, they went for it. They joke about everyone and everything, so it's not surprising they have had some problems in the past.


One of their most memorable moments is, when in 2014 Steve Aoki tried to sue them about a t-shirt campaign saying Steve Aoki was a shit DJ. After sending a letter explaining that Wunderground Music is a satirical website Steve Aoki let it go, showing he is a good sport who can take a joke.


Wunderground Music is a fun website to scroll through if you want to have some laughs, but remember it's satire, so don't take it too seriously!




[ Here are some Wunderground Music articles that gave us a good laugh at the office: ]


[ Ibiza Nightclub To Sell Water As “Vegan Beer” For €25 Per Bottle ]


[ Lad Claimed DJ ]


[ Stranger Things Season 3 To Be Set In Berghain Basement ]


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