Thursday Tip: Buying the Band

February 22, 2018

Five years ago, Teus van Sintmaartensdijk made a documentary about Amsterdam-based real estate mogul Jan ‘t Hoen. Jan tried to get the old Herman Brood, a famous dutch rock 'n roll legend, back together. For reasons still unknown to everyone, the documentary never sold, until now.



[ Trailer Buying the Band ]


Recently a pirated version of the documentary showed up online and it went viral in the Netherlands. It is not hard to see why: it is a funny, interesting, and intriguing documentary. It shows Jan ‘t Hoek struggling with the chaotic drug, alcohol, and sex-side of rock n' roll. This often results in artists that show up late or don't even show up at all, and are usually rather drunk on stage.


The pirated version of the movie is still available online, but it is also showing at Melkweg today, tomorrow and the day after! Unfortunately there aren't English subtitles available yet, but Rock n Roll speaks for itself! 

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