Thursday Tip: Vinyl Moon

April 9, 2018

In the current music industry, vinyl records are making a comeback. Young and hip kids are rediscovering vinyl and getting more and more into it. MusicWatch reported in 2015 that more than 50% percent of the vinyl record buyers where under the age of 25. For the ones really into "funky" records, we advice; Vinyl moon. A subscription based vinyl company, making it easier to start your record collection of weird vinyl right now!

Vinyl Moon offers a totally unique way of discovering new music with as main feature their spectacular records. Every month, they take 10 of their favourite new songs by up-and-coming artists and press them on gorgeous coloured vinyl. As a crucial part of the experience, they also work with a different visual artist each month to create exclusive artwork and deluxe packaging. The result is records that look & sound beautiful –  and that you can’t get anywhere else


You receive the latest volume of Vinyl Moon each month, and you gain access to the Member Store, where you can buy past volumes of Vinyl Moon, alumni records, turntable accessories, and merch – all with 100% free shipping.


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