Radio: Nice And Warm

April 19, 2018

The Netherlands has been taken over by short-sleeved attitudes and Radler-riddled minds. 20 degrees Celsius has shaken us to the core. Nationwide people are celebrating by day drinking and worrying over body rolls that weren’t there last year. Anyways. 


[ spring has sprung, nice and warm ] 


Knowing this damn sea climate, all the terrace fun will be short-lived. Soon we will be back inside, wearing sweaters and turning up the heat, feeling sorry for ourselves while staring dramatically at the rain from our safe little rooms (probably imagining we are the main character in some sad music video). Doesn’t sound very alluring, now does it?


To prevent that attitude from taking root (again) I’ve packed together twenty songs. Nice and warm. Smooth and cozy. Something and something. You get the idea. I could throw another plethora of random adjectives against it but I’d rather not. Instead, I will tell you exactly why this is worth your time. It is an approachable playlist. An easy listen that consists of carefully selected tracks that, together, serve the purpose of evoking warm and mellow feelings. It is the kind of indie sweetness that lets your mind drift off to better places. Something to listen to when you are in for some well-deserved relaxation, no matter where you are. I think you get the gist of it. So prepare yourself for some Connan Mockasin, Total Giovanni, Sports, Mild High Club & more. Pop in those earphones or turn up those speakers and give it a try, you won’t regret it.


[ Check out the Nice And Warm playlist here ]

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