Thursday Tip: Challenge your creativity

April 18, 2018

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. For centuries, human creativity has pushed the bounds of science, art and business. Creativity can be seen as one of humans biggest qualities since it has enabled us to do great things in our era, therefore it is important to train and challenge your creativity so it can help us move forward in the future.

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But what if I’m not creative at all? And, how do we train our creativity? Well, doing it is always a good start. Creativity as a term has been used pretty loosely and I have seen many people mistaken their imagination with creativity. Creativity is in essence also a certain drive you have to turn on within yourself, a drive to create and to take on challenges with enthusiasm and passion but to stay critical and focused on the result. It’s not always easy to be creative, I’ve already struggled with writing this Thursday Tip. But even though this blog took longer then expected, and it officially became more of a Friday Tip. I’m happy to have challenged my creativity instead of plugging another brand or thingy we like. Since I know I have improved; the Blog, my writing and the Thursday Tips potential for the future and ended up with something more special that took some actual creativity.

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