Soundtrack Stars

May 7, 2018

In the early days of motion picture, the silent film would get its sound from a live performer. Sometimes a small orchestra would provide the music, which is often vital to a film’s emotional narrative. However, with the technological development came the synchronised recorded soundtrack that would greatly alter the film industry. 



Some composers have become synonymous with a single film. Ludovico Einaudi gained much of his fame by composing the score for the French film Intouchables (2011), and in a similar fashion Alan Silvestri is best known for writing the soundtrack to Forrest Gump (1994). Both draw back on the piano as the central instrument, with a single motive recurring throughout the film. 


 [ Alan Silvestri's famous Forrest Gump Suite ]


Other artists have taken a different swing at the concept of a soundtrack by merging their musical persona with the movie. Eminem, for instance, in the semi-autobiographical feature film 8 mile (2002), or Paul Kalkbrenner in his role as Icarus in Berlin Calling (2008). Especially the climactic singles, respectively Lose Yourself and Sky and Sand, skyrocketed their careers as well as the genres fame. Both hip hop and techno were considered underground, but became available to a broader audience through film. 


 [ Eminem's Lose Yourself from 8 mile ]


Soundtrack stars have become essential to Hollywood, and perhaps even more so to Bollywood. The examples are myriad, the difference in sound even greater. Not the movie stars on the screen, but the musicians complete the narrative. 


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