Review: Critical As Water

May 10, 2018

In the light of the sunny weather in Amsterdam over the past days, I decided to share an album that I have been listening to since it came out on March 16th: Jeremy Loops' Critical as Water, of which the name is a reminder of the water shortage in his home county South Africa.


 [ Jeremy Loops - Waves ]


Jeremy Loops (real name Jeremy Thomas Hewitt), is a 32 year old singer-songwriter. He released his first EP in 2011 and his debut album Trading Change in 2014. A year later, he toured together with the rock reggae band Rebelution (another personal favourite). In 2016 Jeremy toured Europe, also visiting Amsterdam on the way. During his show, in a sold-out Melkweg, he told the crowd he never expected 1.500 people showing up to his first gig in the Netherlands.


Critical as Water isn’t very different from his last album, Trading Change, but why change something that works, right? It starts of with the songs Gold, Rather Have Me Dead, and Vultures. All three songs get stuck in your head real easily, and you can picture yourself yelling them along at a sunny festival. When Freaks comes on, Jeremy Loops shows a bit of his rap skills while the opening bassline is great for some groovy dance moves.


Thieves goes back to Jeremy Loops' roots: an acoustic guitar and fun-to-sing-along lyrics. Waves, which was released as a single, is again a song that makes you want to throw some groovy dance moves. Underwater Blues is more relaxed and theatrical, one of those songs that makes you grab your loved one and hold up a lighter during a concert.


[ Jeremy Loops ft. Motheo Moleko - The Shore ] 


After slowing down at Underwater Blues, Jeremy gives you back those sunny festival sing along vibes with Flash Floods and Dreaming Again, including clap-along parts for those who are into that. The Shore, featuring South African rapper Motheo Moleko, takes you right back to dance floor for some moves. The next song in line is Runaway Kids, which also is a collaboration with Motheo Moleko. For the intro and throughout the song Jeremy uses samples of children's choirs, giving an extra twist to the song. He also shows his own skills as a rapper once again in this song.


Let it Burn does not make you feel like your on a sunny festival, no, it makes you feel like your in the Caribbean! The last song of the record, Hues of the Fall, is a beautiful and slow song, perfect for closing down an album, or making a road trip to a festival.


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