Thursday Tip: Psy-fests

May 17, 2018

With summer in sight,  the coming weeks our Thursday Tips will be dedicated to the festival season! Our crew will share their favourite festivals with you, so that you can have as much fun as we do every year. First off: MC Meerkat's psychedelic festival pics.


Psy-Fi // Leeuwarden // The Netherlands // 15 - 19 Aug.

[ Psy-Fi Aftermovie 2017 ]


The first festival on my list is Psy-Fi festival in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. This festival started in 2013 and moved to its current location in the beautiful recreation park the Groene Ster in 2014. It's five days long, so you have enough time to party like a mad man, but also to chill out at the beach. Something that some might dislike, but something I personally do like, is the fact that the festival turns the music down at 23:00 to make sure the people living around the festival don't get bothered. Because of this, you have more then enough time to dance in the sun during the day!


Tickets for Psy-Fi are available at their website: for €140, or €160 at the gates.


Momento Demento // Primislje // Croatia // 6 - 12 Aug.

[ Mo:Dem Official Video 2017 ]


Momento Demento, aka Mo:Dem, roughly translates to “remember to go crazy”. Which is in my opinion, the best name for a festival ever. Mo:Dem takes place in the middle of the beautiful nature of Croatia. Something that is nice about the psychedelic community is that they take their time decorating the festival, and you can definitely see that during Mo:Dem. They build enormous art structures, stages that look like they are straight out of a LSD trip, and they even build tree-houses overseeing the stages; pretty much everything looks like a playground for hippies.


Tickets for Momento Demento are available at their website: for €140 + taxes, or €150 at the gates.


Boom // Idanha-a-Nova // Portugal // 22 - 26 July

A Boom Experience, Boom Festival 2014 ]


Boom Festival. My all time favourite festival. This year is going to be my third edition! Boom festival is every 2 years, one of the reasons for that is, the fact that they take about 5 months to build the entire festival. They build flower gardens, sand sculptures and gigantic stages. Boom is set next to a big lake where you can swim, and with temperatures rising to 40 degrees during the day, you really want to swim! Boom isn't just about dancing 24/7; boom also has speakers, documentaries, art exhibitions, meditation workshops, and much more. The weirdest thing about Boom festival is the silent gardens, a place where you are not allowed to make a sound, it surely is a good place to take a break from the banging bass for a moment!  


The last tickets for Boom Festival will be sold on 16th of June at 9:00am, Portuguese time, on their website:


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