Thursday Tip: Hip-Hop Festivals

June 7, 2018

So far LCR has featured three types of festivals, now it's time to take a look at some of the dopest in the hip-hop scene. Whether you dig industrial sites, or prefer a more urban vibe, we got you covered. Here's Sloundge's list for this summer!


splash! // Ferropolis // Gräfenhainichen // Germany // 6 - 8 July
[ splash! 2017 official aftermovie ]
This three-day event takes place at the same industrial site as Melt! Festival, featured last week, but specialises in hip-hop and reggae. In this concrete jungle the crowd goes apeshit with names like J.Cole, Goldlink and German rapper Cro. While it is known that the hip-hop scene in our neighbouring country has been one of the hottest in Europe, this summer it is worth to go check Splash! Festival out for yourself!
Steez Day Fest // Central Park // New York // USA // 8 July
[ Steez Day Festival 2016 official aftermovie ]
This year's Steez Day Festival features no less than Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, and the Underachievers. Right in the heart of hip-hop music these New York legends will be kickin' it outdoors. Tickets to the hottest hip-hop party of the States are only $35, isn't that just the American dream?
WOO HAH! // Beekse Bergen // Hilvarenbeek // the Netherlands // 13 - 15 July

[ Woo Hah 2017 official aftermovie ]

WOO HAH! 2018 is only a month away and we are excited! Why excited? This is the first year WOO HAH! takes place at the safari-resort at Beekse Bergen near Tilburg, and the first weekender edition of the festival. That is, 3 full days of hip-hop! Because the festival site will be a lot bigger compared to previous editions, expect a lot more space to get turnt in wit ya homies! The line-up this year hosts some of the best in the game: A$AP Rocky, J Cole, Joey BADA$$, Denzel Curry, A$AP Twelvyy will most definitely get y’all rocking, to only name a few.


Encore Festival // NDSM-warf // Amsterdam // the Netherlands // 25 August

[ Encore Festival 2017 official aftermovie ] 


This is definitely one of the dopest event in Amsterdam in summertime. Born out of Melkweg's weekly Encore party - Holland's home of hip-hop and R&B - this one-day festival brings you the best of the Dutch scene. This year Lil Pump, MHD, and J-Hus will be setting the place ablaze. Tickets for Encore are only €44 so what are you waiting for?

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