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June 18, 2018

The club is a sacred place with an own set of rules. Within the confinements of the venue, security personnel defines what is allowed and what is not. Besides several simple rules such as “no harassment”, “no violence”, and “no vandalism”, which apply to everyday society too, there is one specific rule to (techno) clubbing that at times clashes with the audience’s habits. That is, no (flash) photography. 



Ideally, the club functions as an inversion of day-to-day life. It is a sacred space in which guests introvert, and can be whoever they want to be. To make sure this temporary identity does not escape the club, forbid some proprietors try to steer the lens away from your face. This prevents a blurring of your day- and nightlife, and allows you to be free for as long as the party lasts. 


Anno 2018, however, much of our social life takes place in the digital realm. Photography forms the cornerstone of such new media by which we communicate our good moments in particular. Many venues, especially those with hip-hop and pop programming, get a crowd that only cares about getting the best Insta story (like the one below). Consider the photo-prohibition a move to the benefit of everyone’s enjoyment and sight.



So what is one to do if photography is not allowed? The answer is simple: sing, dance, and enjoy your time with good & new friends. Rave like they did in the ‘90s, well before nights out only happened if they found their way to your Insta feed. 



[ more on the club as a sacred place: ]

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