House of Yes

July 8, 2018

Right across from Jefferson St. station on New York’s L-train you find the House of Yes. DJ Mag deemed it the best club in the Northeast (of the USA) and everyone who has ever set foot inside can agree: this is more than just a club. It is a communal fun house, an all-inclusive play space that features extraordinary extravaganza.



On the outskirts of Brooklyn’s rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood called Williamsburg, you will find a bright turquoise warehouse with big white letters spelling “YES”. This refers to the only correct answer when somebody asks you whether you will join to the House of Yes.



Every party is a theme party, ranging from disco-infused ‘70s-nights to costume parties based on prohibition times. On good days they will even open their rooftop hot tub to cool off during a hot night of dancing. When inside, though, don't be surprised if flamboyantly dressed go-go dancers dance over your head or the music suddenly stops and you find yourself in the middle of a burlesque show



However, House of Yes is more than a nighttime dwelling. In the daytime it hosts yoga-classes, aerial ballet courses, artisan markets, and many more neighbourhood activities. It links in to its creative surroundings and attracts open minds from all backgrounds. During New York City’s pride month it formed the center for all ends of the sexual spectrum. 



Important to note is that with every theme you require a costume. While showing effort in dressing up for the night will get you in, some truly go all out. In case you arrive in a hurry with no outfit whatsoever there is a truck in front of the entrance that serves as an on-site costume shop. That is to say, there is no way you can arrive at work on Monday morning without still finding glitter all over your face. 

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