The Two-Step

December 5, 2018

It happens regularly that I enter a venue, close my eyes and start to dance. When I open them again, at least half of the audience is already gone. The peace I find in dancing to a rhythm is something that drives me towards attending music events. Although there are so many forms of dancing, I focus here on the one routine that is applicable for nearly every (electronic) genre and that can put any audience member into a state of inner peace, even without taking any substances: the two-step.


     [© - Jørgen Hvirring & Sjors Lammertink – Lövestad]


As the crowd cheers their last goodbye exactly one week ago in the OT301 in Amsterdam, Dutch DJ duo Lövestad plays their last track for everyone to dance, jump and scream one more time. The perfect moment to show off every addition I let my body add to the well-known two-step. It is a regular dance move, yet it is a starting point to let your body feel the music. As Lövestad played their banger, Hold On, I found an ideal song to close my eyes to and let my feet do the work, entering a state wherein my body and mind are one.


In the popular deep-house genre, the two-step developed into a full set of dance moves known as shuffling. I cannot glide over my feet like the professionals, but I sure can keep the rhythm and let my body do the rest.


The combination of rhythmic music, an endless two-step, and getting into this trance, shifts into euphoria that can mostly be found by people who meditate. “Stop and breathe” is the idea behind meditation, to be able to release tension and stressful thoughts. An endless two-step does exactly the same. The body reaches a meditative state and everything around you feels like it is floating.


     [ Lövestad - Hold On (early version) ]


Sharing this rhythmic meditation with everyone around you is another powerful aspect of what makes music amazing. It gathers people with similar interests and creates a collective. It shows me how well people can be together without even knowing each other.


Music is powerful, rhythm is powerful, and dancing to it is the creative output of the human body and mind. The combination of music, rhythm and my personal way of perceiving this makes me experience balance and euphoria and the feeling of ‘being’ two steps ahead of everyone else.

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