Thursday Tip: Electronica Festivals

June 20, 2019

In spite of the summer storms raging over the Netherlands these days, this year’s festival season is about to begin and the LCR crew is lining up some of the finest festivals for you. First in this series is Dr. Music’s fine selection of multi-day (live) electronica festivals.


Wildeburg // Kraggeburg // The Netherlands // 12 - 14 July

 [ Colin Benders (a.k.a. Kyteman) and his one-man-show on Wildeburg 2017 ]


On the periphery of a piece of the Netherlands that only exists for roughly eighty years - the Noordoostpolder - lies recreational park Netl. For the fourth time this patch of land forms the backdrop to one of the most popular Dutch festivals: Wildeburg. Once a year the lake-side area is flooded by hip and trendy Randstad yuppies in search of sunlit celebrations of summer. For those of you lucky enough to score a ticket, don't forget to rehydrate with this finger-licking line-up!


LCR Pick: expect Betonkust & Palmbomen II (live) to deliver a smashing electro-synth set, and visit the Grandbrothers for an atmospheric detox



Houghton // King’s Lynn // England // 8 - 11 August

 [ a visitor's impression of Houghton Festival ]


British summer can be tricky. But when you're lucky, the island's countryside provides a stunning setting for festivals. Houghton is one such festival that combines good food, artistic decoration, and a killer line-up with enough space for up-and-coming artists. At only a 90 minute train ride away from London this four-day fest forms the perfect getaway from urban life. Camp in the quiet woods, dance until sunrise, and above all: do as the Brits do. 


LCR Pick: if Floating Points, Four Tet, and Seth troxler on the same bill isn't a good enough reason to leave the EU this summer, we don't know what is.



Dekmantel Selectors // Tisno // Croatia // 22 - 26 August

[ footage of a former edition ]


For a few years now, Dekmantel has expanded their game and set sail across the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of August, some of the worlds finest house and techno (and everything in between) DJs strike down in the hot shores of seaside resort The Gardens in Tisno for Dekmantel Selectors. For those who go: expect Brits, expect the smell of sunscreen cream, and above all expect eclectic DJ sets in a majestic setting.


LCR Picks: Beesmunt Soundsystem's beats will make your feet burn, even more so than the hot sand.



eilân // Terschelling // The Netherlands // 12 - 15 September

 [ one of eilân's top artists: Jungle by Night ]


It rarely happens that a brand new festival sells out as quick as eilân did. Set on the otherwise tame Wadden island Terschelling - hence the name "eilân" - this first-timer raised high expectations among Dutch festivalgoers. The island is accessible by boat only, and the limited capacity will surely enhance the festival's intimacy. eilân is heaven for lovers of live electronica, nature, and the salty smell of the sea.


LCR Pick: Jungle by Night is a favourite for anyone curious to see how dance music is made with instruments. 



NOTE: Some of these festivals might be sold-out by the time you are reading this. Never buy second-hand tickets from strangers, instead try Ticketswap or consider volunteering!

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