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DR MUSIC (no PhD. yet, work in progress, coming soon!) a.k.a. Sydney Schelvis is the final editor and main writer for the LCR Blog.

As a musicologist I often get asked whether I am still able to enjoy music, or whether it has lost its magic on me. My usual response is that at times it has indeed; underlying structures become evident, and its aesthetic affect diminishes. At other times, however, music can flower like never before, perhaps through other means. I have grown to think of music as a social phenomenon, surpassing mere audible beauty. There is a time and place for every type of music, which is why my perspectives matches those of Liberty City Records.


On the flipside of being a musicologist, I am a regular guy with a passion for music. I DJ, I perform, I listen, I think, and I talk about music. Its omnipresence in modern-day society nevertheless intrigues me to a level where I can never be bored. Did you ever consider music's effect in the supermarket? How you adjust the music on your headphones to your mood? Or how streaming services and concert venues have agency over which music we hear; where, how, and when? Such considerations are my daily drive, and I love being able to express my contemplative thoughts through LCR's blog.


Beyond music I am greatly interested in philosophy; specifically semiotics and metaphysics. To scrutinise one's thoughts can be frightening, but can nonetheless help develop oneself to be more open-minded and reflect on one's own as well as someone else's behaviour. I am a big fan of positive thinking: distrust is for the distressed. Positivity, I believe, is key to sustaining happiness and bliss. As well as a good party every now and then, but that's me.

"Music is an innocent luxury, unnecessary, indeed, to our existence, but a great improvement and gratification of the sense of hearing."

- Charles Burney

"Seize the means of production!"

- Karl Marx

"Strive for the highest, dig for the deepest, and embrace the world in friendship."

- My grandmother

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