Thursday Tip: MC Meerkat's Christmas list

December 14, 2017

If you’re like me, you’re probably having a hard time coming up with fun Christmas presents for friend and family. Therefore I listed some Christmas presents, mostly including subscription. No not for a gym - that would be mean - but music related subscriptions! Here is a short list of nice yearly subscription to buy for those music loving friends and family.





If you're a fan of indie music, you must have the Indiestad card. For only €25 you can visit more than 52 concerts in 2018! Indiestad is a project from Paradiso, so the concerts are at various Paradiso locaties. It’s important to remember you need to sign in for every concert you want to go to, they will be checking this at the door.


[ More info on Indiestad: ]

[ ]




CJP card


For the folks that went to high school in the Netherlands, the CJP card is a well-know thing, as most schools hand them out for free every year. But you can also buy one for only €12,50 if you’re under 30 years old. With a CJP pas you get a lot of discounts, on concerts, films, theater, books, and even on health insurance!


[ Get your CJP cart here: ]

[ ]




Melkweg year-membership


If you go to the Melkweg at least once a month, then buying a €25 year-long membership would be a good idea. You not only save money on monthly memberships, but there are also 50 free concerts a year and a 10% discount at record stores Plato or Concerto!


[ More info on Melkweg memberships: ]

[ ]



Paradiso year-membership


Paradiso also sells a year-long membership! Just like the Melkweg year-membership it's only €25, and, here you also get a 10% discount at Plato or Concerto!


[ More information on Paradiso memberships: ] 

[ ]




Entrée-membership (Royal Concertgebouw)


As highlighted in last week's Thursday Tip, the Entrée-membership grands you massive discounts on tickets for the Royal Concertgebouw. At just €20,- for anyone under 35, it is a good excuse to step out of your comfort zone and face the music! Classical music, that is.


[ More information on Entrée-membership: ]

[ ]



Ziggo Dome membership


If you want to give a really special present, get that special person a Ziggo Dome membership. This way s/he is guaranteed of a ticket, has access to multiple bars, a restaurant, a couple of free drinks, after parties, and even dressing rooms! The only problem, a membership will cost you €4200.



[ Get your Ziggo Dome membership on their website: ]

[ ]


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